Mandalay was founded in 1857 as the capital by King Mindon and remained the capital city of the Konboung, Myanmar’s last dynasty.  Accordingly, it is the richest historical landmark after Bagan. The Mandalay Palace boasts finely built palace walls and a beautiful moat surrounding the fortress. Moreover, Mandalay is not only an important city for Myanmar culture, but the principle centre for Buddhism studies in Myanmar. Mandalay’s monasteries and pagodas are of great religious significance to all of the people of Myanmar.

Recommended tour highlights include Buffalo Point, brass molding workshops, stone and marble carvers, gold leaf pressing, tapestry workshops, cotton and silk weaving, silversmith workshops, a bamboo fan factory, the colorful Zeycho Market, Shwenandaw Golden Palace Monastery, Shwe In Bin Monastery, Atumashi Kyaung, Kuthodaw Pagoda (the world’s largest book) and Mandalay Hill. The Mahar Myat Muni Buddha Image is the most revered Buddha image in Mandalay.


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