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Hanoi travel will offer you many magnificent tourist attractions, amazing local food and vibrant nightlife.

Hanoi attracts tourists with thousands of years of history, which is imbued with national identity and many exciting and attractive destinations. If you are planning to hit the road to Hanoi with your beloved, refer to the Hanoi travel guide in this article to be well-prepared for your trip.

Referring to tourism in the North of Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention Hanoi travel. As the capital of the country, Hanoi has a lot of entertainment spots and tourist attractions that will give visitors a chance to thoroughly explore Vietnamese history, culture and people.

Having an alluring beauty which is a mix between antiquity and modernity, Hanoi has become a well-liked tourist destination that you should visit once in your Vietnam tour. Hopefully, with the aforementioned information about Hanoi travel, you can have more options to plan a complete and meaningful trip to this capital of Vietnam.