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Hai Phong

Hai Phong Vietnam has long been a tourist attraction thanks to its wonderful destination and delicate local cuisine. If you are making plans for a short trip with families and friends, Hai Phong is definitely a perfect option.

Known as “the land of flame flowers”, Hai Phong Vietnam has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign visitors. It has a diversity of natural attractions, delicious local cuisine and many historical monuments.

Hai Phong is the third largest city in Vietnam and 102 kilometers away from Hanoi, adjacent to Quang Ninh to the North, Hai Duong to the West, Thai Binh to the South and the Gulf of Tonkin to the East. It is regarded as the main seaport and an important industrial center in the North of Vietnam.

Due to the prevalence of flame flower trees there, Hai Phong Vietnam is often called “the land of flame flowers”. It is also home to many beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches and famous historical relics.

Hai Phong Vietnam has a distinctive beauty coming from its nature, people and cultural tradition. Coming to Hai Phong, visitors not only explore the wonderful scenery of nature but also feel the lifestyle, the people there and savor the flavor of many local dishes. The land of flame flowers will definitely be an ideal destination for visitors to have a memorable vacation.