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The province of Champassak is home to one of Asia’s great, but least visited temples, Wat Phu. Pakse, the old capital situated at the confluence of the Se River and the Mekong, which means the “mouth of the Se River” is currently a busy trading town. The province also encompasses much of the Bolaven Plateau, home to a number of ethnic minorities. Pakse has a number of comfortable places to rest and is an excellent starting point to explore the surrounding area. The town has one of the largest markets in the region. Within Pakse is the Champassak Museum with relics from Wat Phu as well as from the Bolaven Plateau.

The freshwater dolphins living in the Mekong are believed to have saved the lives of both locals and travelers who have faced difficulties in staying afloat while facing the tough river currents. They are known as Irrawaddy Dolphins and can sometimes be seen off the southern tip of Don Khon. The best time to view the dolphins is in the early morning or late afternoon and can be reached by chartering a boat from the beach at Kong Ngay.